Make returning home more ceremonial


Make returning home more ceremonial

Having a smart lock is convenient and reassuring. You have a deep love for life, and it gives you some warmth in return

The same goes for home. The more you dress up your home with care

The more warm and reassuring it feels

This sense of peace of mind also comes from the carefully selected smart door lock as the most important barrier in the home

Guarding the warmth of home

In addition to providing a full sense of security, it also makes returning home more ceremonial

The AVENT smart lock installed in the new home truly brings great convenience to life

The entrance still has a minimalist and refreshing style

Grey entrance door paired with a wooden shoe cabinet

No unnecessary design, simple and not simple

About smart locks:

Convenient unlocking -

 For me, who often forget to bring my key, it really solves one of my biggest problems. I used to find a lock master because I forgot to bring my key, but it will never appear again. This smart lock has nine ways to open the door, including fingerprint unlocking, password unlocking, and key unlocking. When I am not at home, I can also send a temporary password to my family and friends who need to enter and exit temporarily, which is very convenient

Intelligent monitoring - 

One of the most reassuring details is that it can record door lock dynamics, such as when the door lock was opened, when the door lock alarm was triggered, and when someone rang the door bell. These records are very valuable when encountering unexpected situations

Ultra Long Endurance - 

Many friends are worried about the battery life of the smart lock. The AVENT comes with two large batteries, totaling 8900mAh, which are very durable and can be powered cyclically. As long as any battery is inside the lock, it can be opened with fingerprint and password recognition. There is no need to worry about the situation where the door cannot be opened in case of a fire. The indoor panel is equipped with an emergency handle, which can be turned to open the door in case of an emergency

I'm glad to have a small family of my own at this age

No matter how tired I am, there is always a warm door open for me

Where there is a home, there is a sense of peace of mind

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