What is an electronic code lock and is the lock secure?



1.Electronic code lock is a kind of electronic product that controls the circuit or chip work through the password input, thereby controlling the closure of the mechanical switch and completing the task of unlocking and locking. There are many types of it, from simple circuit products to chip-based products with higher cost performance. The widely used electronic password lock is based on the chip as the core and is implemented through programming.

2.The performance and security of electronic combination locks have greatly exceeded that of mechanical locks. Good confidentiality, a lot of coding, and a random unlock success rate of almost zero. Users can change passwords frequently to prevent password theft, and also to avoid the decline of the lock's secret level due to the turnover of personnel.



1.Simple structure, but strong and reliable, do not need the key, so easy to lose the key of the careless ghost will have lost the key of the trouble. 

2.The mechanical structure is designed to withstand harsh external conditions and is used more widely than in POTONGMUN. 

3.The operation is very simple, only need to press the door password can be, unlock time is very short, the average unlock time is about 15 seconds.

 Features of intelligent password lock

1.Convenience:Intelligent lock is different from ordinary mechanical lock, with automatic electronic induction lock system, he will automatically sense the door in a closed state, the system will automatically lock. Smart Lock can be opened by fingerprint, touch screen and card. General fingerprint lock is not convenient when using functions such as password/fingerprint registration, especially for the elderly and children. 

2.Security:In the ordinary residential security environment, the general door lock handle opening way can not ensure adequate safety performance, it is easy to drill small holes from outside the door and then use steel wire to turn the handle to open the door. Many smart locks have patented technology support, in the indoor handle settings to add the safety handle button, the need to press the safety handle button to turn the handle door to open, to bring a safer use of the environment. 

  At the same time according to user needs, through simple operation, this function can be set selectively. Recent Smart Lock Palm touch screen will automatically display, 3 minutes will automatically lock. Whether the password had been set, whether the door lock had been turned on or off, the number of passwords or key cards registered, as well as the battery replacement tips, the lock tongue blocking warning, low voltage situations, etc. , were all displayed on the screen


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