What is the Fingerprint Door Lock

What is the Fingerprint Door Lock

Locks have been around for more than 5,000 years. We've always used them to keep our important things safe, but before fingerprint locks, we couldn't avoid the embarrassing problem of losing your key and not being able to pick it. The appearance of fingerprint lock completely solves the pain point of being rejected because of forgetting the key and losing the key. A lot of people may have a bias against fingerprint lock, this is an electronic product, talking about security, how can compare to the traditional door lock? In fact, this idea is wrong, fingerprint lock has been considered at the beginning of the design of this problem, and even more advanced technology means to ensure that security is the most important quality.

  • S1 Smart Home Door Lock With Bluetooth TT Lock App Function

    Avent SECURITY Fingerprint Door Lock S1 Fingerprint,Password,RF Card,App Unlocking Tempered Glass Touch Screen Keypad .Up to 250 Different Users Semiconductor Fingerprint Sensor Zinc Alloy Material Voice Indicator 60/70mm Single Latch Micro-USB port for emergency power supply Mechanical Keys for Emergency Access

  • Things to know before buying fingerprint door lock

    Fingerprint door lock is a useful security measure for a tech-savvy home, apartment, or office. This type of lock permits you to move inside and outside the room without using keys or IC cards. You can better manage the security of your real estate by allowing access to only authentic people. These days, biometric fingerprint door locks are getting popular because of their several benefits. Keeping in view the fame of fingerprint door locks, we have decided to share a few things that you must know about these locks.

  • What is Pin Code Lock

    hello, would you like to sell more digital door lock? We are a company that provided digital door lock from China, hope we have a chance to do business in near future


    This models we upgrade base on MX02, it's a little more classy, a little more textured and more acceptable for the market.

  • Make returning home more ceremonial

    Having a smart lock is convenient and reassuring. You have a deep love for life, and it gives you some warmth in return The same goes for home. The more you dress up your home with care The more warm and reassuring it feels This sense of peace of mind also comes from the carefully selected smart door lock as the most important barrier in the home Guarding the warmth of home In addition to providing a full sense of security, it also makes returning home more ceremonial ​ The AVENT smart lock installed in the new home truly brings great convenience to life The entrance still has a minimalist and refreshing style Grey entrance door paired with a wooden shoe cabinet No unnecessary design, simple and not simple

  • Recognize you at a glance

    6: 00AM When I wake up in the morning and run, I casually close the door, so I won't have the trouble of forgetting my keys. After exercising, I come home Walking to the door, Cadiz locked the door and immediately opened it Avent smart lock unlocking is not cumbersome

  • Lock in happiness

    AVENT, "Lock" Happiness, "Lock" Love AVENT can make family life happier.

  • Every Smart lock should be replaced

    Looking at brand originality: Choosing an original brand provides relatively more assurance of quality and after-sales service

  • Step 1 of Smart Home , Smart Door Locks

    Sometimes, it is such small moments that bring us a sense of happiness, and happiness is the direction we constantly pursue in different ways.

  • Smart lock, make your home safer!

    Use AVENT smart door locks to make your home safer and smarter. Buy a smart door lock now to safeguard your home safety!

  • Three types of smart door locks

    With the development of society and the improvement of science and technology, more and more customers have given their own home lock replaced with a more advanced intelligent lock. Different smart locks give me different levels of security.So here's what Avent Secuirty Company has to say about it.What are the four common types of smart door locks

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