Do you still use mechanical locks in your home?


  Traditional Mechanical Lock in addition to simple closing and locking the door two actions, almost no interaction with people. The smart lock is different, not only to get rid of people's dependence on the key and shackles, mobile phones, fingerprints and so on is the key, do not worry about the loss of keys and forget the trouble.

  When I used to go home, I had to use the key to open the traditional door lock, turn on the light when it felt dark, and then go to the window and manually open the curtains, so I could sit on the sofa and pick up the remote control to turn on the TV or background music, watch TV and listen to music. But now smart locks, can be integrated with smart home systems, and when you get home, all you need is a fingerprint or a password to unlock the door, smart locks automatically sense, lights automatically turn on, curtains automatically turn on, and background music also sounds, after a long day, you just need to go home and relax on the sofa.

mechanical locks

  In addition to considering the comfort, of course, more important is the security and protection of the door lock function. The traditional mechanical door lock, are used of a-level lock core, part of the use of b-level lock core. However, in the eyes of the criminals is just a piece of scrap metal, they only need a few minutes, or even ten seconds to open a lock, obviously can not meet the current securityneeds.

  According to Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China statistics, household losses caused by burglary in China are as high as 1.13 trillion yuan a year, and the property safety of 350 million households can not be fully guaranteed, security becomes the most urgent problem to be solved by individuals, families and society.

  Fingerprint Lock

  Therefore, the non-replicable unique fingerprint, password and other ways of opening the smart door lock is to solve this unsafe factor. Moreover, in the smart home system, the smart door lock also plays the role of voice alarm, remote monitoring function of the smart lock, to really keep the safety of the home. 

  After installing the smart lock, once someone tries to open it by technology or violence, the smart lock will automatically send an alarm message to your phone, at which point you can remotely monitor through the camera, making it impossible for the criminals to get their hands on it, the safety is much higher than the mechanical lock. 

  Therefore, for the safety of family life and property, it is recommended to replace a more secure smart lock.

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