The solution of fingerprint lock failure


  Fingerprint Lock, as a fashionable and intelligent product, is both convenient and safe. However, if it is used for a long time or operated improperly, it is inevitable that there will be some minor malfunctions. Sometimes these malfunctions may be just minor problems, it can be solved with a little simple operation. So, what happens when the fingerprint lock fails? Take a look at some of the common troubleshooting steps below.

First、There is no display or display error on the LCD screen:

The Solution:

  1. Check the power supply and connections.

  2.  Ontact the factory technical personnel.

Second、according to the fingerprint can not log on to unlock:

The Solution:

  1.Please log on to the other fingerprint. Choose to use good quality fingers (less wrinkles, no skin, fingerprints clear) .

  2.As far as possible to make finger contact with the acquisition of a larger area, as far as possible flat fingers.

  3.The finger is too dry, the scanner can not detect the finger, you can use your finger to wipe your forehead.

  4.Clean the fingerprint collection window.

  5.Login by Password user.

  Of course, in order to ensure that the life of the fingerprint lock in the home more long-term, more stable use of performance, it is recommended to strictly follow the use of fingerprint lock requirements to use, to avoid some of the impact of its use of the fault!

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